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CNC pipe profile cutting machine:intersection cutting machine, can cut differnt shape
chuck type and friction type

ACCURL CNC pipe cutting machine


CNC system: 1set, CNC Control (6 axis)

Movable torch carriage: 1 set

Plasma torch: 1set

Plasma power source: 1set, HPR130, USA

Pipe diameter: 600-1500mm

Pipe thickness: 3-8mm

Pipe length: 6000mm

ACCURL  series CNC pipe cutting machine, its X-axis (level main axis rotation) is using the friction tray turning type, this make loading and unloading of pipes more convenient and can increase the working efficiency greatly. The working area on the pipe rotating working table is divided into 2 areas. The forepart working area is for cutting the pipe mini length of 400mm, back end working area is for cutting the pipe with mini length of 650mm. The whole working table has the effective cutting length of 12000mm. This equipment has the reasonable structure. The running control is stable and reliable. It is suitable for long time continuous cutting.

Rychlé informace

Stav: Nový
Type: Plasma Cutting Machine
Application: pipe cutting
Místo původu: Anhui, Čína (pevnina)
Název značky: ACCURL
Poskytovaný poprodejní servis: Inženýři k dispozici pro servis strojů v zámoří
thermal cutting: friction type
machine usage:cnc pipe cutting machine
plasma cutting: chuck type


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